Monday, December 5, 2011

Cortado ThinPrint Printer Dashboard to version 2.0

Cortado ThinPrint Printer Dashboard to version 2.0 : Cortado has now incremented its ThinPrint Printer Dashboard to version 2.0 (Silverlight app 2.0.840.1, web app which addresses the criticisms in our earlier review. There's also a new version of the agent software.

For UK users, a click on the right-hand consumables icons now links to rather than to, although Amazon is still the only choice of consumables supplier for this feature.

The choice of currencies issue on the Costs page has been dealt with by adding a currencies selection option from over 140 currencies, on the Configuration page. However, since this would corrupt the accounting for any past transactions (that might for example have been conducted in euros), this does not operate retroactively. A new entry in the Supplies and costs list must be made in order to change the currency recorded for a particular print cost item.

At first, we experienced further problems in logging into the new version and had to resort to requesting a new password, as our previous password was rejected.

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